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3 key indicators for monitoring the economy in 2022

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Veronika Dolar, SUNY Old Westbury; Marlon Williams, University of Dayton, and Melanie G. Long, The College of Wooster

(THE CONVERSATION) The U.S. economy ended 2021 with a lot of uncertainty. Inflation surged to levels not seen since the 1980s – seriously eroding consumer purchasing power – while the highly contagious omicron variant forced many Americans to hunker down as case counts soared to record levels, reducing economic activity.

How will the economy fare in 2022? And given its size and complexity, how will we even know whether things are improving? To offer some clues, The Conversation U.S. recruited three economists to highlight one measurement tool they’ll be following closely in the new year and explain why it will help them – and you – better understand…

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