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Adopt ‘speak up culture’: Deepak Parekh to company secretaries

Advocating the need for strong corporate governance practices, veteran banker Deepak Parekh urged company secretaries to adopt the “speak up culture” as well as to differentiate between data and information to enable board members to constructively act on developments.

Addressing the 21st ICSI National Awards for Excellence in Corporate Governance on Saturday, the HDFC chairman said the judgement of company secretaries is sacrosanct and they are the bridge between understanding what regulators expects and how the board actually functions.

Parekh said generally, a listed parent company which sits at the top gets all the attention and compliances tend to be in good order.

“But invariably, it is the myriad of smaller, unlisted subsidiary and associate companies which tend to receive less scrutiny and is where the weak points lie. Unethical practices, away from the public eye typically happen at these levels. Genuine regulatory…

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