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Alleged assault at Bluefield Dollar General

BLUEFIELD, Va. (WVVA) – A Bluefield, W.Va. family said they were shaken up after an alleged assault in the parking lot of a Bluefield, Va. Dollar General.

Bluefield, Va. police say they received four phone calls about a “verbal altercation” near the Dollar General off Virginia Ave. before responding to the scene around 6pm.

Mary Harvey, one of the alleged victims said it all started with a man in the parking lot.

“My son’s service dog was barking,” said Harvey. “[The man] started communicating threats because my dog was growling and everything. [He] attempted to get my 14 year-old son out of the car when my two older boys got out of the car trying to back him off, away from the car.”

She said she along with some family members were hurt in the incident.

“He threw his first punch at my son, David, [who] is 18 years old with autism,” said Harvey. “[The man] continually over and over again punched him in the face and…

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