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American Pessimism of The Economy — MARIST CIRCLE

The Marist Poll’s America Now: National Outlook Index shows that Americans have become slightly more pessimistic about the U.S, with the index at 6.4 out of 10. 

While Americans are concerned with the U.S. economy, they have also grown more pessimistic about their personal finances and the current consumer market. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Americans had a positive outlook on their personal health and the communities in which they are living. 

“The index looks at four areas of American life: the economy, health, community, the society and our government,” Director of the Marist Poll Barbara Carvalho said in the Poll Hub podcast.

The largest sticking point for the American public was the economy, with the economic index at 5.4. President Joe Biden has been trying to reframe the messaging around the economy for months, but hasn’t been successful in swaying public opinion. 

“Too many families are struggling to keep up with…

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