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AWS Outage Shows Breadth of Digital Economy

“Mama said there’ll be days like this,” says the 1960s hit song by the Shirelles — and for Amazon’s cloud service provider AWS, Tuesday (Dec. 7) was definitely one of those days.

As news of the internet outages spread, reports of disruptions began to emerge, ranging from household devices to newsgathering operations at the Associated Press to airline reservations to Amazon’s own website, Alexa system and package delivery empire — right in the throes of the peak holiday season.

For some, the service loss was used as an opportunity to finger-wag about the dangers of over-reliance on digital technology, without any sense of the irony that most of these rants were being created and shared on cloud-connected websites and social media platforms.

Others took an almost absurd view of the outage, reflecting on how our connectivity addiction has, in some ways, rendered us helpless. The Wall Street Journal, for example, shared…

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