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Being Best at the People Business

“How you recruit, develop, and manage talent relates directly to your brand as a people leader,” says Stephen Miles, CEO of The Miles Group

 ‘C-Suite Intelligence’ podcast’s new episode is all about making people better

NEW YORK, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “A leader’s top priority must be to continually make people better,” says Taylor Griffin, COO of The Miles Group. On the C-Suite Intelligence podcast, Griffin joins Stephen Miles, Founder and CEO of The Miles Group, to explain how leaders can enhance their skillsets around delegation, talent development, and team processes to become world-class in the “people business.” 

To get better at the people business, leaders have to set up their teams for success – “it’s the best use of your time,” adds Miles. “We need to assess them in a non-judgmental way. What do they need in terms of their experience profile, data set, cognitive profile? We’re going to give them that so they…

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