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Biden not to blame for economic problems


I’m writing in response to “How does one explain Democrats’ bad policies” (Reading Eagle, Oct. 27). I’m not enthused about inflation or high gas prices, but there are reasons for this situation. The main one is OPEC’s severe cutbacks in oil production in early 2020.

OPEC has yet to raise production back to pre-pandemic levels. As world economies reopened, demand spiked, and under the laws of supply and demand, oil and gas prices rose. Severe weather events such as Hurricane Ida aggravated this trend by crippling refining capacity. How are these things President Joe Biden’s fault?

As for the much-vaunted Keystone XL pipeline, much of its production was marketed overseas, and the U.S. still purchased some foreign oil due to price and quality concerns. By itself, it could not supply all domestic needs.

The XL pipeline has created issues involving the environment and indigenous land rights. President Donald Trump…

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