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Business Highlights: Russian business backlash, bond payment


Russian businesses in US face backlash from war in Ukraine

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans angered by Russia’s war on Ukraine are taking it out on Russian businesses, brands or anything that sounds Russian. Some are pouring out vodka, boycotting Russian restaurants and even leaving threatening voicemail messages at Russian businesses. Experts say it’s the most intense anti-Russian sentiment they’ve seen. They also call the behavior irrational and misplaced, especially when so many business owners are denouncing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion and supporting Ukraine, not to mention the fact that some are not even Russian. To clarify their positions to their customers, many have posted Ukrainian signs on their doors or pledged their support for Ukraine on social media while condemning Russia’s actions.


House votes to further restrict Russian trade after invasion

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has voted to suspend…

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