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Chamber is behind Economic Partnership

Ed Williams

Jefferson City

Dear Editor:

My appearance before the Cole County Commission was reported, but needs more depth about the corrupt attitude of the commission members. They are just trying to funnel tax money to their friends. The issue was whether $120,000 should be given to the JC Chamber of Commerce for attracting jobs.

Jeff Hoelscher adamantly claimed the Jefferson City Area Economic Partnership was a different organization than the chamber. Regular readers of the NT will remember reports of the chamber organizing the JCREP. Their offices are in the chamber building. Do these names from the partnership look familiar: Tergin, Heckman, Minton, Gillespie, Plummer, Calvaruso, Bexen, Patrick, Farmer, Kolb, Delong-Costello and Linton? All of these are directors along with Jeff Hoelscher. It looks like the same old crooks who have always tried to get our tax money under their control. Hoelscher’s vote to give them…

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