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China locks down city of 3.5 million near Vietnam border

Issued on: 07/02/2022 – 04:38

Beijing (AFP) – A Chinese city of 3.5 million near the border with Vietnam was on lockdown Monday after more than 70 coronavirus cases were discovered there over the past three days.

China, the only major world economy still sticking to a staunch zero-Covid policy, is on high alert for any outbreaks as it hosts the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Local officials in the city of Baise in the southern Guangxi region announced Sunday that no one would be allowed to leave the city, while residents of some districts would be confined to their homes.

“Citywide traffic controls will be implemented,” vice-mayor Gu Junyan told a briefing.

“In principle, vehicles and people cannot enter or leave the city… with personnel control strictly enforced and no unnecessary movement of people.”

Residents of some neighbourhoods in smaller rural…

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