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Conewango Valley Business Thrives | News, Sports, Jobs

The Armstrong and Emley Families were involved in the lumber industry many years before Lenny Armstrong founded Custom Country Woods LLC in Conewango Valley.
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Lenny Armstrong has worked in the lumber business for most of his adult life.

It runs deep in the roots of his family, beginning with his wife, Lisa. Many years ago, her great-grandfather and great-uncle founded Studd and Whipple, a lumber business in Conewango Valley. Throughout the years her father, mother, two uncles and grandfather were employed there, as well as Lenny, Lisa and Lisa’s brother, Greg Emley. After forty years of ownership, the saw mill was acquired by Maddox Table Company, who owned it briefly before selling to Crawford Furniture Company.

Armstrong began selling kiln-dried lumber out of his garage…

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