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Democrats Are Failing on the Economy – InsideSources

Americans can fondly recall the booming economy that was. With President Donald Trump back on the campaign trail in states like Michigan, it seems quite long ago now.

Under President Biden, the people of Michigan — my home state — are being left behind. With prices increasing across the board, Michigan drivers still pay around $4 per gallon on average for regular unleaded gasoline. Heating oil is even more expensive. From food to household goods, the COVID-19 economy is destroying everyday purchasing power in states like Michigan, where inflation easily surpasses 5 percent.

You know what doesn’t help? The fact that Michigan’s gas tax comes out to 27 cents per gallon (excise), in addition to a 6 percent sales tax. Throw in the 18-cent federal tax on gasoline, and prices become even more inflated for the wrong reasons.

Nor does it help that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer continues to veto any form of tax relief  — from…

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