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French economy on course for 0.75% fourth quarter growth

PARIS, Nov 8 (Reuters) – France’s economic rebound is set to moderate in the fourth quarter with most firms seeing further improvement despite persisting supply-chain and staffing difficulties, the French central bank said on Monday.

The euro zone’s second biggest economy is set to grow 0.75% in the fourth quarter, the Bank of France said in its monthly economic outlook, drawing on its business climate survey.

The INSEE official statistics agency said last week the economy grew 3.0% in the third quarter, which surpassed the Bank of France’s forecast for 2.3% as the economy returned faster than expected to pre-crisis levels of activity.

Firms participating in the business climate survey said they expected business conditions to keep improving this month in the services sector – by far France’s biggest – and cool slightly in industry and construction.

The share of executives in the industrial sector reporting supply problems…

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