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Higher-income people are worried about the economy

Data: Morning Consult/Axios Inequality Index; Chart: Kavya Beheraj/Axios

Even though they’re still flush with cash from the booming market, wealthier people are increasingly worried about the economy, especially inflation.

What’s happening: In March, consumer confidence dropped 7.2% for those earning more than $100,000 — a much larger dip than for those earning less than $50,000, according to a measure of consumer sentiment released today as part of the Morning Consult/Axios Inequality Index.

Why it matters: High earners still feel better about the economy on average, but have more to lose from declining financial markets. So the mix of volatile asset prices, Federal Reserve rate hikes and a surge in inflation is walloping their confidence.

Between the lines: Financial assets have been particularly volatile since the start of the year.

  • Wealthy people are more likely to be plugged into financial news and checking their 401k balances,…

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