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How Do You Build a Lasting Business?

Q. Why is a focus on employee and community well-being more likely to ensure lasting profitability than focusing on the bottom line?

A. For two reasons: (1) Again, it is a matter of process compared with outcome. The focus should be on what directly affects the bottom line rather than the bottom line itself, such as innovation, job autonomy, collaborative behavior, and agility, along with a reward system that reinforces these actions. (2) To have a single-minded focus on the bottom line oversimplifies the complexity of organizational behavior and what causes what.

Q. In terms of current issues in the workplace, what are your recommendations for how to best center diversity and inclusion, and what are your thoughts on the promises and pitfalls of remote work?

A. First, regarding diversity and inclusion, here is what not to do! Do not appoint a vice president for diversity. This action will relieve all managers in the…

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