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Infinite Protection offers IT services to area businesses

WAPAKONETA — Infinite Protection, located at 10 W. Auglaize St., Wapakoneta, held an open house Monday to give the public a peek at what it does.

“Our big focus is protecting people, property and profits,” said Isaac Dunifon, president of Infinite Protection. “We’re very business-centric, but we will do residential if it’s an employee of a business that we currently deal with.”

The Wapakoneta Chamber of Commerce welcomed its new member Monday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

What they do is design security systems that monitor and protect businesses from physical and digital threats.

“We do the basic stuff like access control and security cameras, but our real focus is on the digital side of it. We have an application we built called iCYPHER,” Duniphon said. “We have iCYPHER chat, so that does your online chatting to replace something like FaceTime. It also does your video conferencing. We also have our own online…

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