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Is Digitization The New Globalization?

CHONGQING, CHINA – OCTOBER 21: An employee walks at an exhibition hall for the Chongqing New Type … [+] Internet of Things (IoT) Big Data Service Platform for Digital Transportation at a branch of Chongqing City Construction Investment on October 21, 2020 in Chongqing, China. (Photo by Chen Chao/China News Service via Getty Images)

China News Service via Getty Images

While the rest of you were struggling under grey skies and rain, I spent the end of last week under the blue skies and fresh Atlantic breeze of Porto, Portugal. Now, before I lose half my audience through jealousy, I can say that I was working at a corporate event on the topic of the uncertain future for globalization.

With supply chains in chaos and the key trade relationship between the US and China still in a delicate state, the future of globalization is something that bears heavily on corporations as they emerge into the post…

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