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Labor Day Weekend boosts the local economy in Orcutt

ORCUTT, Calif. — Old Orcutt is a hometown place with small business owners and a big community outreach. Some Orcutt locals say this holiday weekend they wanted to stay in town — where they have a lot to do in their own backyard.

On Labor Day weekend Americans celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers says the U.S. Department of Labor. It is also a weekend where some go on weekend getaways with family and friends or celebrate locally.

On the Old Orcutt strip, people can enjoy a variety of restaurants and wineries. Locals say there are great coffee shops and juice bars.

Some say Old Orcutt is the heart of the city where locals and visitors can enjoy their own homegrown produce at the local restaurants.

Labor Day weekend brought out many locals and visitors — which helped boost the Orcutt economy this holiday.


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