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Letter: Economic impact of pickleball in Vail

Last summer I visited Vail to play pickleball. The weather was glorious, the pickleball community so welcoming and the program so well organized I stayed for nine weeks. I enjoyed myself so much that this summer I returned for three months.

Vail’s leaders were wise to accommodate this fast-growing sport by converting Golden Peak’s two tennis courts into six pickleball courts. Instead of four tennis players per hour, court time is available to 24 pickleball players. Unlike other sports, pickleball is easy to learn, affordable, and can be played by all ages and skill levels. Best of all, the sport is very social.

Vail would be wise to expand indoor opportunities for winter play. And expand the sport’s benefit to the local economy.

The players’ financial impact is enormous. Take myself as an example: In 2020, I spent $300 per day on lodging, restaurants and other activities, for a total of $27,000. I…

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