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Local business celebrates Black History Month


Mr. Murphy’s Stuffed Potatoes is a Black-owned business in Columbia that serves a variety of different spuds, nachos, and salads out of a food truck.

Columbia native Jheron Nunnelly is the owner of the food truck and has been in business since 2019.

Nunnelly says he got his inspiration for the concept for the menu after he and his wife had a date night creating a fake menu for a restaurant and making the items. He says they have altered the menu since then but the original recipes are still from that date night.

Nunnelly has been cooking since he was 15-years-old and says he took a risk starting up a food truck.

“I’ve just been cooking for a long time and I got the opportunity to open a food truck, the food bank kinda helped me with the start-up fees and everything. I thought about it overnight and took the risk and we did it and it just kinda took off in the first year,” said…

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