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Local business market highlights minority business resiliency

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – In 2020, The National Bureau of Economic Research reported that 41 percent of Black-owned businesses declined. Now, 56 percent of minority business owners said they were more optimistic as the economy works to recover during the pandemic, according to McKinsey and Company.

That optimism was showcased in the Brazos Vallet at the Ujamaa Market Place organized by Culturally Rooted Enterprise. The event was held at the Lincoln Recreation Center and comprised of various vendors including food, clothing and home essentials.

“It’s good to see Black people and people that look like me and my daughter and my family just to rise up and be able to do things during the pandemic and see that it’s not holding anybody back,” Culturally Rooted Enterprise co-founder Cedric Lewis said.

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