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Minding our own business | News, Sports, Jobs

Remember to keep it simple. 
(Provided photo — Diane Chase)

Springtime isn’t just about joyously singing the Sound of Music songbook while twirling in fields overlooking mountains — better known as student portrait sessions. ‘Tis the season birds mate, spring flowers bloom and allergies flourish. It’s the season to rechristen the porch Christmas lights as twinkle lights. It’s a time for a change. With all the magic and pollen, there can also be an excessive amount of end-of-year curiosity in the air.

What? We collectively gasp. We mean well. We have the best intentions. We are being social. It’s not prying. Hmm, it always depends on how we are demanding the information. It is their journey. That’s right. The emphasis is on the word “their.” Not everyone is going on the same path.

Some young adults choose to go to college while…

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