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Orbán: Hungary, Slovenia economy stronger than before pandemic

Hungary and Slovenia are among the few economies that were “afflicted” by the pandemic but emerged from the crisis stronger than they were before, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Monday in Lendava (Lendva), in northeast Slovenia, after talks with his Slovenian counterpart Janez Jansa.

Jansa and Orbán signed an agreement on regional crossborder developments.

At a joint press conference after the meeting, Orbán said the agreement would improve the lives of all citizens of Hungary and Slovenia by stengthening “friendship and alliance” between the two countries.

The world is currently facing challenges such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and “the changes in world economy in favour of the East against the West”, Orbán said. “Solutions will be easier to find together than separately,” he said.

Orbán noted changes in European economy. “A few years ago we thought central European…

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