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Pottstown economic development agency rebrands to emphasize its focus

POTTSTOWN — The lead economic development organization in Pottstown has completed a rebranding process — changing its name to better reflect its focus on the economic revitalization of Pottstown.

Pottstown Area Economic Development Inc., or PAED Inc. is the new name for the former Pottstown Area Industrial Development Inc., or PAID Inc. Along with the name change, the organization has launched a new website — ipickpottstown.org.

According to Peggy Lee Clark, executive director of PAED Inc., the new name “literally stands for economic development.”

“That is what we do — we are leading the charge of the economic revitalization of the Borough of Pottstown.” She added that economic development is “encompassing” and includes development through public policy, infrastructure and workforce.

  • This photo shows the members of the Board of Directors for Pottstown Area Economic Development Inc. The organization has rebranded…

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