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Q&A with Bob Schuetz – Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business


Energy Northwest

Bob Schuetz

Number of employees you oversee: 1,000 +

Brief background of your organization:

Energy Northwest is a joint operating agency of Washington state, comprised of 27 public power member utilities from across the state, serving more than 1.5 million customers.

Energy Northwest owns and operates a diverse mix of 100% carbon-free electricity generating resources including hydro, solar, battery storage and wind projects and the third-largest provider of electricity in Washington – the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power facility.

The agency continually explores new generation projects to meet its members’ needs.

How did you land your current role? You are new in the position. What is your message to the organization and the community about your priorities?

I was in the right place at the right time for many steps along my career.

But at each step, my priorities have…

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