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Small business owners struggle to find enough staff

NITRO, WV (WOWK) – Many small businesses in our region are still struggling to find enough staff, not just to operate normally, but to stay open at all.

That mixed with the drastic increase in the cost of ingredients is taking a major toll. No matter where you go or what type of businesses it is, the story is the same. Business owners say the jobs are there but no one wants them.

“Everyone here is family, my brother, my dad, my sister-in-law and sometimes my sister,” explained Aloha Adkins, Manager and owner at Shima’s Family Restaurant.

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She says family has to stick together to keep things going in the kitchen, because they can’t get anyone else to come to work.

“Either we get no response or someone will come in and work for a week or two and then they don’t come back,” said Whitney Brester, Assistant Manager at…

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