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Staff-strapped Grand Marais businesses brace for a tourist boom

Dee Brazell has owned World’s Best Donuts, a fixture in downtown Grand Marais, for 20 years. It’s been in her family for even longer. Her grandmother opened the small shop more than a half-century ago.

And after all those years, she still loves to come to work. But the last two summers, she said, have been difficult. She’s had to close the business two days a week and close two hours early the days she’s open, because she can’t find enough workers.

“I’m so frustrated with not being able to run my business the way I’d like it to be run,” she said.

“I’m so tired of seeing help wanted ads in every single window. It’s so frustrating to see that we’re all in the same boat. And it’s not a fun boat to be in.”

Throughout Grand Marais, business owners are struggling to gear up for what they expect to be another busy pandemic-sparked summer tourist season.

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