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The Economic Recovery Is Real

America’s Debbie Downers have political motivation to trash talk a growing economy.

Life’s too short—especially in these times—to hang out with people who are always bringing you down. The negativity, the never-ending criticism—it all seems designed to keep you as miserable as they are. Even when things are looking up, there’s some Gloomy Gus telling you it won’t last. There’s no good reason to stick around with someone whose unhappiness depends on your unhappiness. 

That’s why it’s time to break up with the people talking down this country’s very real economic recovery.

These are the same politicians, after all, who still refuse to take a pandemic seriously even after it has killed more than 800,000 Americans. To them, the inflation that accompanies a restarting economy is less about your wallet and more about their standing as America’s Debbie Downers.

“This is a gold mine for us,”…

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