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The Weeknd – Don’t Break My Heart Lyrics

“Gunna – so far ahead ᐳ empire lyrics”

[Part I: “so far ahead”]

Yeah, yeah (Taurus)
Yeah (Run it back, Turbo)

We made it when it’s all said
Through scars and tears, you know I had a hard head
Couldn’t tell you when it started, yeah
It’s dark here, you know you was so far ahead
You know you was so far ahead

[Verse 1]
I’m glad I make my own noise
Puttin’ in that work, I done became a rich man, I was a poor boy
Stupid lit with rich friends, that coupe a grown toy
Come get it if you want it, boy
Did it with a voice
No remorse, glad I made that choice
Now we whippin’ Rolls-Royce
They can’t find another source
Yeah, no endorse
I think it’s best they join forces
It’s funny, ain’t that somethin’ that they said I wouldn’t be nothin’?
Thought you’d reap the benefits, instead, it’s repercussions
You ain’t care or try to hear me speak, instead, you judgin’
I cried myself to sleep one night just thinkin’…

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