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Thoughts for New Year

Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohapatra*

The Year 2021 has consigned into history. A New Year 2022 has dawned. The New Year is a time when we bid adieu to the present year and welcome new beginnings with thunderous applause. It gives us another chance to start afresh and its advent is celebrated with pomp, fervour, and grandeur.

We welcome the Year 2022 and wish all not only a happy, peaceful but also an eventful and purposeful new year. We wish a purposeful new year in the sense that happiness and peace are just a state of mind and there is no yardstick to measure it. Sometimes the longing for those makes one lethargic, inactive, and lackluster.

Had all people remained satisfied that they have, society would not have seen the scientific miracle, innovation, invention, discovery, progress, and prosperity. Had our freedom fighters thought for only happiness, India would not have got independence. Had our soldiers thought only happiness,…

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