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Tomorrow’s central bankers need to think like MBA students 

After an extraordinary series of global supply chain snags caused by the pandemic, the next generation of central bankers is taking a page from the business school play book, learning how the market reacts to bottlenecks and what monetary policy can do to help. 

The educational shift, seen recently at a masters program in Malaysia for young policy makers, underscores how the flow of goods has become crucial to understanding the way in which a two-year inventory chain snarls over several years. 

As part of the course, set up by the Asia School of Business with backing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, students play the Root Beer Game, a version of the decades-old classic in MBA programs that helps illustrate supply and demand signals and dynamics, from producers down to consumers. 

Young officials played alongside students from the business school, allowing them an opportunity to simulate how the flow of goods…

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