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U.S. Dollar Vs. Commodities: Correlation Confusion

This post originally published at TopDown Charts

  • The US Dollar Index notched a very strong April amid turmoil in Europe and Asia

  • Traditional asset class relationships have bucked trends in 2022

  • Any pullback in commodities is likely a buying opportunity as the year progresses

The US dollar had one of its best months of the last decade in April. The trade-weighted dollar index measures the greenback versus six major currencies. The is the biggest driver, making up 58% of the ICE futures (DXY). The , , and are other components. Traders can easily play the USD via the popular Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish ETF (NYSE:).

USD Surges in 2022 Amid A Volatile Macro Backdrop

Our Global Cross Asset Market Monitor report sent each Monday morning reviews where the macro landscape stands before a busy week. With the DXY hitting its highest level since December 2002 recently, investors are clearly bracing for relative strength in the US…

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