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Why your small business needs Instagram collections

Instagram‘s users flood the app with millions of posts every day. There’s always fresh content, but a lot of great stuff gets lost in the shuffle. When you’re using Instagram for your business, you can’t afford to doomscroll the day away—so you need to use Instagram‘s collections feature.

Save posts for later, create custom collections, and spend less time trying to find what you need.

Instagram collections: Your Pinterest board to-do list

Instagram‘s Saves isn’t a public feature—the user who posted won’t be notified when their post has been saved, nor can a user’s saved posts be seen from their profile, so no judgment on what you save. You can organize your saved posts into specific collections (as many as you want) and then come back to those collections for review or inspiration later.

On my personal Instagram, I have a collection of recipes I’d like to make, one for makeup…

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