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Working from home can mean boosting economy near home

Mayor Eric Adams was once adamant that reviving the city’s economy depended on returning New Yorkers to their offices.

He said in late March, “I need the accountant in the office so that they can go to the local restaurant, so we can make sure that everyone is employed.”

What You Need To Know

  • The mayor says the economic recovery post-COVID may not be centered in Midtown Manhattan
  • Adams in the past had urged New Yorkers to return to their offices
  • NYC is nearing medium-risk COVID status after seven weeks as a low-risk environment

But like others learning to live with COVID, he’s come to accept a new normal, saying Thursday, “Work is going to change. Pre-COVID and post-COVID is going to be different.”

He agreed when NY1 noted to him that someone working from home is likely frequenting the restaurants near their residence.

Adams acknowledged that the economic recovery may not be centered in once-bustling Midtown…

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